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Is Opensea like the Stock Market?

Opensea is known for hosting the ability of creating, buying and selling non fungible tokens. To make an account you will need a Metamask wallet or any crypto wallet that connects to the platform. Keep your seed phrase recorded in a safe place. Load your preferred cryptocurrency and begin collecting art, profile photo communities, Artificial intelligence artwork, and many other creative collectables such as video game resources. One example of a popular collectable is the Sunflower Land Collectibles.

I've personally seen many users buying this game's resources daily. Opensea has the ability to show you the activity of what people are buying in the market through the page. In the activity page you can see who the collector/creator sold the item to.

On the other hand, the stock market is a collection of exchanges where stocks and other securities are bought and sold. It is a platform for companies to raise funds by issuing shares of their stock to the public, while also providing investors with a way to invest in these companies.

There may be many similarities between Opensea and Stock trading but within the world of crypto everything seems very intangible. In this new digital world we have the ability to make huge profit or huge loss from thin air and from what we see in the market recently it's a lot of loss and scams. Staying safe and not making choices similar to gambling will keep your wallet a bit more secure.

Determining the value of NFTs is difficult, sometimes demand and popularity isn't enough to maintain value. In my opinion, with all things in life, when we buy something just because everyone tells us to, usually this is not a lasting investment. Short term profits in some cases can be attained but with crypto backed assets it is usually never long term. I would advise collectors to buy a NFT that has real quality as in the creator of that NFT spent a huge amount of time on it where the time spent translates to increased value.

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